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ClientUniversity of Kent
LocationCanterbury, Kent, UK

The Ingram Building

The Ingram Building was built in 1965 – 67 as a Chemistry Building for the University of Kent and now houses the School of Physical Sciences. The teaching laboratories had remained largely unchanged thoughout the life of the building and were in need of refurbishment to meet current laboratory standards, teaching methods and the increasing expectations of students and academics.

The alteration and refurbishment provide new wet and dry teaching laboratory accommodation and associated support areas. The new facilities include a 130 person general physics laboratory, incorporating 12 double fume cupboards, an analytical laboratory and a 100 person electronics/forensics laboratory, all meet current laboratory standards and teaching methods. The works include the replacement and enhancement of all building services and the upgrading of the building fabric.

The works included the replacement of laboratory furniture, ceilings, floor and wall finishes and all building services, the installation of new windows/doors, the upgrade of the building fabric, and the re-fit of existing toilets. The new fume cupboards achieve containment with a face velocity of 0.4m/s face velocity which yields a 20% energy and associated carbon reduction saving.