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LocationCoventry, UK
StageUnder Construction

Holbrook Park, Phase 2

This is the second phase of a 31 unit scheme based in Holbrooks, Coventry redeveloping an existing brownfield site. The proposals factored in the surrounding context/ uses inclusive of the neighbouring industrial park with live occupiers, the local park and a new residential complex that was under construction during the same project programme. This introduces complexities with liasing site access, timelines for future homeowners/ occupiers and general synchronisation of works.

The new units will provide a range of use classes B1, B2, B8 with assocaited servicing/ ancillary space. Varying the building sizes creates flexibility for future occupiers to relocate within the site or to combine multiple units if their business requires. The site is a perfect opportunity for Small-Medium Enterprises (SME).

Access to Holbrook Park is off the main estate road that is lined with landscaping either side, offering a green buffer to the residential properties. The units are situated so as to create an active frontage along Swallow Road with glazed entrances and alternate cladding colours to add interest and rhythm to the design.

Holbrook Park Phase 1