Axis J9 Starts on Site

Contractors Parkway Construction are now on site at Axis J9 in Bicester. Projected to complete by the end of August 2020. Cornish Architects continue to provide architectural services for this commercial development which will create a major employment park of 5 mid-sized units and 7 smaller units totaling 232,328 sqft of new high specification, sustainable buildings across the first phase. This will equate to between 900 and 1,200 jobs within an area identified as employment development space by Cherwell District Council. The delivery of these new work opportunities, within a significantly well-connected location, will further build on the evolution of a sustainable community for Bicester.

The project sets out to satisfy aims of achieving exceptional economic growth within the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, located within a mile of Bicester Village and in close proximity of 10,000+ planned new homes. Cornish Architects are working closely with the client – Albion Land, contractor and their consultant team in the completion of Axis J9 to provide a fantastic new working environment, high quality detailing and sustainable construction methods.

Rainscreen cladding façade of alternate fins and sunken panels with translucent panels over are used to create feature corners to the scheme. These elements explore the realms of movement and shadow in the elevation, creating an aesthetically stimulating design that intrigues the viewer and softens the overall building mass.

The sustainable design includes zero carbon and the use of low embodied carbon in construction materials. 40% of the total gross site area comprises green space as part of the council’s proposed network of managed, high quality green/open spaces which are linked to the countryside.

Our commercial architecture portfolio is constantly expanding/evolving, resulting in sophisticated design solutions that are based on experience, understanding and involvement. You can find more about our similar projects here and contact our team with any queries.