Architecture – The Next Generation!

Sebastian aged 5 joined his dad, Simon, on a site visit to the final phase of construction at Link 9, Bicester.

In one morning Sebastian achieved every young (and old) man’s dream of sitting in a 1:1 scale tonka toy.

With the guidance of his dad and the main contractor Sebastian learned about steel frames, ground reinforcement, cladding and lift shafts. At the end of the visit the main contractor cleaned down, primed and then sprayed a finishing coat on to a small reinforcement bar, which will feature in Sebastian’s ‘Show and Tell’ at school.

We firmly believe any opportunity to introduce the next generation to some of the processes that fabricate the world we live in should be embraced.

Thank-you very much to Parkway Construction for putting all the provisions in place (including extra small PPE) and giving their time to allow for this to happen! Sebastian had a great day and is now fully equipped with new architectural vocabulary.