Two Weeks in Practice

The past two weeks at Cornish, we have had the pleasure of welcoming Maggie & Nicole in the team during their third year work experience at the University of Westminster. Both students were fully immersed in the Cornish culture, working on live projects and getting their boots dirty on site visits. Let’s hear how they found it…


“The last two weeks at Cornish Architects have been extremely insightful and helpful for the progression of my path in the architecture field, both in the sense of learning what goes on in the office on a day-to-day basis, and all the technical skills and knowledge I have gathered during my stay.

I have had unique experiences, such as going on a site visit with an architect and their point of view, and also being able to listen in on team discussions regarding projects and their details, which aren’t things I have had the opportunity to do before. The team was very friendly and welcoming, and they not only answered my questions to the best of their abilities but gave me supplementary replies that went above and beyond to really help me deepen my understanding of the topics being discussed. This was a chance to see the amount of work and effort that goes into every task, and the necessary dedication.

I am very grateful to all the team members at Cornish Architects, and the many new things I have come across thanks to them, ranging from digital programmes to materials and building techniques. I will always value this experience, and I am looking forward to applying these to my work in the future.”


“I am beyond grateful to have been a part of Cornish Architects over the last two weeks, this experience has taught me so much about what it’s like in the world of architecture, by fully immersing myself into this, as it has given me the opportunity to get an insight into the day to day tasks that architects carry out, from going on site visits to working in the office. I can definitely say that this experience has opened my eyes and shown me that being a practicing architect is more challenging, than studying architecture at university level, this is good because in my opinion it is best way to learn new skills and overcome challenges.

Ever since being at secondary school, I have always enjoyed learning about art and infrastructure, so I thought about combining these two topics. Coming from an artistic background, and currently being a third-year student at University of Westminster, I have found that the daily tasks that practicing architects take on are more technically advanced, on the other hand I believe that collective tasks and working with a team seem more rewarding too. The past two weeks has provided me with so much useful information, thanks to all the members at Cornish Architects, I am going to take these skills and apply it to situations that I may come across in my future studies.”